Self made 1.0m², designed by Andrea Ricci

A kite designed and build by Andrea Ricci with Rhino. It's a small kitesurfing prototype. Spécifications : 1.0m². 14 cells, 4 air intakes with valves. Half cross bridle, bridled every second cell. Wingspan 1.85m (projected 1.68m), surface 0.96m² (projected 0.9m²), AR 3.55 (projected 3.2). Chord max : 62cm, mini 24cm. Weight : 185g, volume : 70 dm≥. The profile was designed by modifying some naca ones with high lift to drag ratio in mind. Width 18%. 33% Xcp.

Test flight report by Andrea :
"Eventually I managed to test the new kite (Burian) with satisfactory wind conditions. It flies well and responds perfectly to control lines. It brakes well and also performs backward-take-off and safety landing (pulling the brakes strongly). It still has a quite limited wind windows and I'm afraid it's due to the 33 m quad lines which have an excessive weight in relation to the kite size (just 1 square meter). I had to arrange a special bridle because the weight of the brake lines is enough itself to slow down the kite even without any tension from the operator. In fact the brake lines stay curved (sagged) under weight and drag and therefore pull the brake. I had then to get the brake lines supported by the central part of the kite. I'm not sure of the goodness of this; perhaps i should try to fly the kite as 2 lines to see whether effectively the poor wind window is due to the inherent brake tension or to a poor profile performance. I had better get 20 m quad lines... Anyway the kite inflates well and stays inflated thanks to the 4 inlet vent valves. What you can see is that just 14 cells is too a little number and the shape is a little bit distorted (but it was just a prototype before going to a 7 sq meter - 26 cells - D ribbed). -- Andrea"

Good luck with the next one Andrea !