Oxo 7.4m²

I kept some concepts from the Oxo 2.7 but removed the very high AR, D-Ribs, H-Ribs and mini-ribs... So what's left from the Oxo ? I kept the little air intakes, same kind of profile (but modified), floating leading edge, the shrink is taken into account too. It will be bridled every second cell, with a bridle 'à la Kiteboy'. Stay tuned !

Specifications : 5.97m span (4.94m projected span), area 7.4m² (projected area 6.38m²), AR 4.8 (projected AR 3.85). Specifically designed profile. 30 proportional cells, 14 open cells (triangular air intakes).

I still have big troubles with this one. Pulls like a truck, but also steers like a truck. It has strange behavior sometimes. I've already done a lot of surgery on it, without much success. By the way, it doesn't look like the pictures below anymore ... To be continued ...