This kite should never have been. It should have been the Hexogen, but I had a bug in my surface flattening software. This implied I had to modify every upper and lower skin (the spinnaker fabric was already cut) and it was too much work ... As the bug was much apparent on tips, I sew it 'as is' without the last 4 cells, giving it an ugly squared look .. and I did the same for the name, removing the first and last two letters, to finally get an ugly name as well.

'New' specifications : area 4.7 m² (was 5.5m²), AR 3.8 (was 5.2) and 24 cells (was 32). This explains why the canopy is very flat.

And does it fly ? Yes, it does. Good stability, good steering, inflation is correct. I still have to test it in a real wind (I flew it two times, very underpowered), but at least it flies.

A few pictures :