My favorite links :

  A friend of mine, kite designer (french) : KiteBoy sur la Toile

  Nothing to do with foil design, but ... (french) Le Kitebike par Fredy

  Self made foils (french) : Le Site des SM's

  The best foil design software available : FoilMaker

  Another foil design software : SurfPlan

  Daniel Gagnon's home page. Mostly in french with some english parts.

  Rhino 3D home page.

  Do you want to print full scale patterns ? Try TurboCAD 2D LT (Alternate)

  To convert VRML files into DXF (and a lot more) : evaluation version of 3D Exploration

  Foil design internet forum (in french) : LeProfil

  Foil design internet forum (in english) : FoilDesign

  If you're looking for a Perl version for Windows : ActivePerl

  XFoil, a virtual wind tunnel for Windows and Linux (GPL) : XFoil

  SNACK, a virtual wind tunnel for Windows (free registration for version 2.2) : SNACK

  A screen ruler : SRuler